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Enrolling in a secondary school or vocational education and training (VET) with “S” status

Adolescents and young adults from Ukraine should be enrolled in an appropriate educational programme (apprenticeship, academic Baccalaureate school, upper secondary specialised school, etc.) as soon as possible after arrival in the Canton of Bern. They also have the possibility of attending a language course to acquire skills in the local language, German or French. This offer is aimed at young persons with S status who are at least (or close to) 15 years old.

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Young persons, including young adults and adolescents of at least (or close to) 15 years of age, who have fled Ukraine and who have S status can register online for enrolment in an appropriate education programme at the upper secondary level (Sek II: apprenticeship, academic Baccalaureate school, upper secondary specialised school, etc.):

In consultation with the schools, the Office of Upper Secondary Education and Vocational Education and Training (Mittelschul- und Berufsbildungsamt) will consider which education programme is appropriate for the person, taking into account current language skills and the type of program the person was attending in Ukraine, and will arrange a language class if necessary.

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