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Secondary school and vocational education and training (VET) for persons with «S» status

Adolescents and young adults from Ukraine can register in the canton of Bern for an appropriate education programme at the upper secondary level. Based on their age, language skills and prior education, they will be enrolled in a language course, a transition programme, a Baccalaureate school or an upper secondary specialised school.

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Target group

Young people with «S» status who are aged 15 (or almost 15) or older and who do not yet have an upper secondary level qualification (VET diploma/certificate, Baccalaureate).

Education programmes

Individuals will be enrolled in one of the following education programmes:

  • Language course
  • Transition programme (Brückenangebot)
  • Baccalaureate school (Gymnasium)
  • Upper secondary specialised school (Fachmittelschule)

Further information

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